Some Financial Experiences from 2021

Experience 1: Money is underrated.

  1. Elders in the society and relatives tell you that money is not important. You should instead try to grow as a family person and enjoy being with your closed ones and cherish it.
  2. Social media posts tell you how you can be so so happy with less money. You should instead try to grow on a personal level and enjoy your own company and feel how beautiful the life is.
  3. Your company tells you that you should not think of your compensation. You should instead try to grow as an employee and focus more on learning and thinking how impactful your contributions are.
  1. Medicines were being sold at a premium. In the times of emergency, I bought some medicines at 50% more than what was usually charged.
  2. We were able to hire some domestic helps to help us with daily chores as we attempted to work extremely hard to provide care to the affected.
  3. The earlier infrastructure of having some medical supplies and equipment at home helped. The premium paid for a quality health insurance helped.

Experience 2: The diversification overdrive

  1. Blue chip mutual funds (These are tested, tried and still have potential)
  2. Small Cap (What’s life without taking some amount of risk.)
  3. Flexi Cap (Let’s have a fund that doesn’t care about small cap or large cap)
  4. Sectorial: Tech (Firm believer that software is the future and it hasn’t even scratched the surface till now)
  5. Sectorial: Pharma (Covid created immense opportunities here)
  6. Some US index funds (Wanted to invest in the big tech)
  7. A couple of debt funds (It had scope during a falling interest rate regime)




Software Engineer @ Google. Explore, Experience, Learn and Live!

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Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu Gupta

Software Engineer @ Google. Explore, Experience, Learn and Live!

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