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Observation 1:

Observation 2:

  1. Agriculture is income-tax free. If a person is involved in agriculture, there is no income tax he/she has to pay, no matter what the income is. A law that is more than often used to convert black money to white.
  2. Every year, govt burns out loads of tax payers money just to waive off the loans given to farmers.
  3. Govt spending is huge to provide MSP, a minimum support price to the cultivators.
  4. To support farmer incomes, govt gives direct cash transfers to hundreds of thousands of farmers annually. Again burning loads of taxpayers money.
  5. Agriculture in India is done using old methods causing damages to crops, air pollution during stubble burning and continuously depleting water tables.





Software Engineer @ Google. Explore, Experience, Learn and Live!

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Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu Gupta

Software Engineer @ Google. Explore, Experience, Learn and Live!

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